Friday, April 14, 2006

My Favorites Vol. 1

This idea of random favorites is actually hi-jacked (sp?) from my new BFF's, the P-jaks' B-journal. I saw something in the Fred Meyer parking lot today that reminded me of one of my favorite feelings. It is when I'm a part of a caravan of cars stopping at a grocery store/gas station/fast food place as we begin a road trip to a weekend getaway or camping trip. That feeling of being with friends and family, waving through the windows in a parking lot, knowing that my weekend will be filled with fun times with those cool peeps. Good treats in the car is also a major bonus to the caravan road trip.


P-Jak said...

I don't mind the thievery.

By the way, Carson has the cutest bald head... and a great smile to go with it!

Brazenlilly said...

Oh, that means a lot coming from Daddy to two of the cutest boys eva. Maybe soon he'll get some blonde hair like Wesley.