Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me! Part 2

Instead of a traditional home-cooked birthday dinner or dinner out, I requested a picnic dinner at our NEW HOUSE! I'll post more pictures when we actually move in. It's a cute little place on a nice cul-de-sac. (Trent LOVES the fuscia door.) Perfect starter house for us, and perfect 30th birthday present!
Strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert in the living room. Yum!
Can't wait to have you all over!

Happy Birthday to Me!

As a dreaming teenager, most girls--myself included--like to imagine what our lives will be like as adults. Who will we marry? Will we be happy? What will our kids be like? My reality as I turn 30 could not be any better if I had manipulated it from a game of "MASH." (Girls of the 80's and 90's will know what that is.) I'm so blessed with love from all sides, my family is healthy, and I have friendships the likes of which movies, songs and novels are written about. Here is a little pic of the beginning of my birthday celebration last week in California (more pictures to come). Here's to growing older!

Monday, July 23, 2007


This is an example of the patience of Grandmas. Instead of getting frustrated that a toddler is invading their space and getting into their stuff, they just invite them to join in the fun. Please note Carson's expression during the first 4 seconds of the video--it's priceless.


I don't know why, but I kind of have an issue with my kid being seen wearing only a diaper. It seems a little uncouth, and I prefer for him to be out in public and photographed wearing nice, clean clothes. However, I am learning that a) toddlers somehow manage to change every possible plan you have for them and b) Carson acts really silly in the morning hour after his diaper change and before I've battled clothes on him. (He hates getting dressed.) Here's a special moment the other morning where Carson was preparing for the motorcycle he will never, ever be allowed to ride. (Especially if he keeps the helmet on backward.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4th of July

On the fourth of July, we went down to Harrisburg with Trent's family, where his Grandma Evelyn lives. The small town gets very festive, with the parade being the pinnacle of the holiday excitement. To add some extra "summer" fun, it was running in the high 90's.

Aunt Michelle took Carson to see the helicopter, and when it took off, he watched in awe and then asked for "more."
Taking a break in the shade.
And THEN....the parade started.
Interpreting Carson's thoughts. "What is this strange place you guys have taken me? Why were those crazy people with rainbow wigs and red noses just honking horns and laughing in my face? Why does everyone throw handfuls of things at me, and why are all these other children fighting over it?"
"Aaaa! And why are those big red trucks making such scary noises!! Take me home!!!""OK, this is helping.""Yeah, I can get on board with this."

20 minutes later, taking a break in the shade with Daddy and Grandpa Phil...still working on the orange sucker.

45 minutes later--I kid you not--still nursing the orange sucker. When we look at these pictures, Carson still mimes eating that thing. It was obviously a high point in his young life.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Camping Magic

We got some pics from Mike, and there were way too many good ones--I had to post. Of course, I'm mainly posting the ones of Carson. Gotta stick with the blog theme here.

Ethan was definitely the water-baby of the group. He ran right in!

This jumping game was always followed by "More? More?" BTW, my jewelry was fresh from the toy box.
Great shot--not much else to say!

"Don't worry, Henry. Stick with me and I'll teach you how to jump off stumps too."

"Anyway, as I was saying, Dad, I really think it's unreasonable that you won't let me walk down to the river by myself. I mean, in case you haven't noticed, I'm quite agile in the bathtub. Hey!Are you listening to me?"

"Hi Mommy."

"Hi, Sugar."

Introducing the whitest family on the West Coast.

Mommy & C-dog with his camping shirt: flannel on my tool-time-toddler.

Karaoke with Grandma Jo-Jo.

An evening shot after the kiddos went to bed.
Through the magic of uneven ground and photo cropping, my adorable sis-in-law is finally taller than me.
**All pics by Peaby**

Friday, July 13, 2007

Trent is 30!

Happy Birthday, Babe!
Yesterday Trent turned the big 3-0. We had a little family dinner, and as a great birthday present to both of us, we signed the papers to buy our first house! (We don't get the keys until next week.) In these pictures, don't forget that from HIS point of view, it says the numbers correctly.

Here's a little video that gives you a little taste of one of the things I love about my hubby: he isn't afriad to be silly with our son. In fact, I think he quite ENJOYS being silly! This was a bit of morning dance time the other morning after Trent's run.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I think this was our sixth annual family campout at Still Creek. Looking at these pictures, one wonders what ever in the world did I have to take pictures of before Carson was born? We had a great time. Others will surely have better pictures than I do, and hopefully they'll be on some blogs soon.
Exploring the "wa-ee" with Dad soon after we got there.
Falling into the arms of Uncle "Mi"
Carson and Henry having a little lunch.
I don't know if you can see clearly, but they are both doubling over with laughter at who-knows-what. This was the clever containment plan for the kiddos. Thanks, E & S!
Froggy Chair relaxation provided by Nina.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Subtlety can be dangerous.

Here's a little change from my usual posts, but that's what's so great about blogs! It's just my journal of thoughts and I'm letting you read it. I happened to read this (from a Beth Moore Bible study) on the 4th of July, and, it reminded me, although it sounds a bit cliche, to be grateful that I live in a country in which we all have the freedom to worship whom and how we choose. Her words are simple and straightforward, not poetic and mysteriously deep like C.S. Lewis, but I appreciated how Moore also wisely warns that sometimes our blessed lives keep us from seeing that spiritual warfare is all around us.

"Our Nation today knows very little about true persecution. We too rarely hear accounts of people like John and Betty Stam, young missionaries to China who were beheaded just one month after their arrival in Tsingteh, leaving behind a three-month old infant......No, we are not aquainted with this sort of persecution, but we must pray for those who are. Yet we indeed experience a constant persecution of sorts, waged by the most vicious of all persecutors. But so subtle is this battle that all around us people are being spiritually beheaded while we often remain unmoved. Heads are rolling. This is war."

"...we wonder if people like the Stams had any idea what their commitment might cost them. Would they have dared surrender to such a sentence? Consider this excerpt from a speech delivered to the Moody Bible Institute graduating class of 1932: ' Let us remind ourselves that the Great Commission was never qualified by clauses calling for advance only if funds were plentiful and no hardship or self-denial involved. On the contrary! We are told to expect tribulation and persecution, but with it victory in Christ....It is ours to show, in the salvation of Jesus Christ, a joy unspeakable and full of glory that cannot be affected by outside circumstances.' The speaker? John Stam, just before his departure to China."

POST SCRIPT EDIT: Dave's comments encouraged me to dig a little deeper, and I found some more info online. To read some basic info about the Stam's and their baby, Helen, check here.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Two Cuties

Daddy Trent Carson