Friday, April 28, 2006

Voices--not as in "I hear them"

I have two things to say. First, I am FREAKING out because I can't find my camera. It has been almost a week and I haven't taken any pictures of Carson and he is starting to crawl! We're going to have to break into the savings account if it is lost, because I can't really function without my digital camera.

Secondly, and back to the topic here, I realized this morning as I was requesting a $40 fill-up at the gas station that I have (and I think you all have) different "voices" used for different purposes in life. There's my Gas Station voice: "Hi-ee! Could you fill it up with regular unleaded please?" in a high-pitched smiley way like I'm Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farm or something. This is similar to my Work Phone voice. Then there's my Cathing Up With Old Friends voice, which is sassy, lower pitched, and super fast, with a lot of "ifyaknowwhatImean's" thrown in for humor. (Secondwind, I'm thinking of you here.) Then there is my Worship Leader voice, which I try to be slower, more thoughtful, normal pitched and contemplative. (I know that's reduntant with thoughtful, but that's the general feel I can recall as I look back on my stage voice.) I also have a Carson voice, which, contrary to some baby-talk, does not substitute w's for r's or l's. (ie: goodness gwacious my sweet wittle baby). It's just kind of high, very repetetive and pretty much is a string of questions I know he won't answer. "Is that a bird? Do you see the bird? What's the bird doing? Do you see the bird?" etc. When I was in the classroom, I had a Teacher voice. It was (I like to think) firm and LOUD with eyebrows frequently raised. I'm sure there's more. So, do share...what "voices" do you have?

Monday, April 17, 2006

He Is Risen Indeed!

We had a good Easter. It was a very busy weekend for me at church, but I always enjoy this day because it is such a celebration. This year was fun especially b/c we got to dress Carson in cutsey dress clothes. Thanks so Auntie Tara for the tie and suspenders outfit. Obviously, we waited a little too was a little small, and he didn't keep the shoes on long, but he was a big hit at church.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Funny Quote I Read

A friend is someone who you can call at 3 in the morning to come and bail you out of jail. A best friend is sitting next you saying "That was AWESOME!"

More pics from So.Cal.

Above are some more pictures of our friends spending some time with Carson. It was so neat to see these people who feel like my brothers and sisters getting to know him. Also, the gorgeous bride is my friend Stephanie, whose wedding was beautfiul and the main reason for my visit. I love the pic of Carson and Curious George, because lately he has become Curious Carson. He wants to inspect EVERYTHING with all of his senses--look closely, touch, smell, taste, grab, etc. He really liked Haley's George doll that made a laughing sound (kinda creepy to me, btw) and he would get face to face with him and laugh back. Too cute.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My Favorites Vol. 1

This idea of random favorites is actually hi-jacked (sp?) from my new BFF's, the P-jaks' B-journal. I saw something in the Fred Meyer parking lot today that reminded me of one of my favorite feelings. It is when I'm a part of a caravan of cars stopping at a grocery store/gas station/fast food place as we begin a road trip to a weekend getaway or camping trip. That feeling of being with friends and family, waving through the windows in a parking lot, knowing that my weekend will be filled with fun times with those cool peeps. Good treats in the car is also a major bonus to the caravan road trip.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pics from So. Cal.

Here are some pictures from our trip to California. Carson was excited to meet Carlee, Haley and Keenan. His new buds!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Going Back to Cali

Oh my. I'm in So. Cal. right now (the OC actually) and it is so beautiful. I forgot how much I missed this weather. Today is actually a little overcast, but the other days have been sunny, 70's and slightly breezy, which is exactly what I remember most days being like between March and October. It is SO wonderful. It's been fun to introduce C-dogg to all of our best buds. He got to meet several new friends, including Keenan, Carlee and Haley. Haley and Carlee are both anticipating new babies in their house, so they are studying him closely. As much fun as I'm having, I'm also realizing how hard it is to travel alone with a baby. I wish Trent were here! There is so much sunshine and light in the houses, so many new toys and people that he is basically refusing to take naps. FUN! But it is all worth it to watch Haley kiss him and ask all morning about "Baby Carnon go poo-poo? Baby Carnon seep in my bed?" Being with old friends is like coming home, and I know they love my baby as much as I love theirs, even thought we don't see each other very often. Thanks, Howie, for helping make this trip possible! Many pics to come, I'm sure.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The other day I took Little C outside to sit in the sun on that blanket. He was quite confused and kept squinting and looking at me as if to say "What is this bright stuff?" It's sunshine, dear. I'm sorry it has taken six months for you two to meet. It's so fun now that he is sitting up and moving around on his tummy. He's not crawling, but he can pivot around from his hips and scoot backward, which seems to be quite frustrating when the toy/book/person/sharp object he is straining for is in front of him. I love this pic of him in Becky's hat. For some reason we have an obsession with putting him in hats!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Me and Auntie Beck
We went snowboarding this weekend with Mike and Beck. Well, actually, they skied and we snowboarded. So far, I have only gone snowboarding about 6 times in my life over a span of 3 years. Each time I have some fun, but I'm not good enough to have a lot of fun, and I'm not daring enough to learn how to be better, and I don't go often enough to get better by practice. So, I decided the reason I go is so that I can tell people "I snowboard" in the present tense. Sometimes being a mom can make me feel quite old and miss my college-like self, living in So. Cal. all carefree and not feeling the aches everyday from the way pregnancy and delivery wreaked havoc on my body. Once when I was pregnant, but having a particularly good hair day, a young cute guy in a car next to me gave me a nod and a smile. I laughed hard at that one, picturing his little face if he saw me get out of the car with my basketball tummy and all the implications that come with it. (I won't lie, though--it made my day. Sorry, Babe.) However, now I love those implications. I cherish this new season in my life, even though I'm getting older. So now, I'll just go snowboarding so I can feel 21 again. Well, actually, I FEEL like I'm about 80 because I'm so sore, but I can tell people I went snowboarding and SOUND like I'm 21!