Sunday, February 11, 2007

The OTHER Tompkins

Here are some more pictures I got from the Tompkins' camera--that's Phil and Linda's cam, and Michelle's too. I will narrate:

Before Tara moved out, Michelle had this upstairs room and Carson loved going in there to watch Baby Einstein and the Polar Express. He would stand outside the door and knock until someone let him in. Looks like the girls and Riley are really into Baby Beethoven today.
I couldn't resist a couple more pictures of the snow day. I think they're even better than the last one I posted.
Last season, Carson got to go to two football games with his daddy. This one was with Michelle too. They are brainwashing him from an early age! (Also, thanks to Aunties Beck and Sarah for the outfit. Holla!) We don't have high hopes for him to be a famouse football star--it's not really in his genes. In fact, in this picture, he looks more like one of the male cheerleaders.


butters said...

The pictures are darling, I love the last one of the worn out cheerleader.(: He is such a handsome boy.

Kristi said...

I can't tell you how proud I would be of Carson if he went into the "cheer" profession. Hey George Bush was a cheerleader, and look where it got him. Wait, maybe that was a bad example! But I digress... So cute! Love him, and love you!

woosterweester said...

Orange is his color!:) I've got an extra set of matching pom poms around here if you need 'em. Just holla.