Friday, June 01, 2007

Ladies' Man

Although no one could EVER replace our existing friends, the Tompkins have been trying to branch out and meet new people down here in Salem. One family we've met have a little 11 month old girl. She and her mom came over the other day and Carson was putting on a great show.
She's cute, huh? Plus, we don't have many (OK, any) other little girl friends around here.

Not a flattering picture of C-dog, but a sweet shirt.
Hey! Rachel! Look at me! Look what I can do! Push-ups!

Uh-HUH! Gets 'em every time.


Anonymous said...

You are kidding me! Did that macho-pushup act really earn him a kiss from that little cutie? ;=) bapah

Steph said...

SHUT UP! You are in trouble with that one! Those are some fantastic moments caught on film, Jen!

JJ said...

Like mother, like son.