Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cowboy Carson

We had quite a day yesterday! After Bible study, we had lunch at Gma Jo-Jo's house, then drove to Beaverton to meet up with Ethan and Nathan and their mamas. Then we stopped by BCC to say hi to some of my old coworkers, and went to Uncle Mike's and Aunt Becky's for dinner, where C-dog scarfed up Becky's spaghetti. THEN, for the culminating event, we went to the harvest party at BCC, where the boys were totally over-stimulated by baloons, lights, people, noises (including fire alarms and one total evacuation), food, big screens and more. Carson is getting to the point where this interests him, and he likes to walk around and see more, even though he doesn't have a clue what is going on. Here's some pics of the evening:
A dragon, acowboy and a bear sat on a hay bale...sounds like the beginning of a bad joke!
Aunt Becky helping the cowboy button his vest. This vest was TRENT's when he was a little boy! If I have the story right (which is not always the case) his grandparents got it for Mexico? I think? Anyway, Trent started calling it the family heirloom vest.
Carson wanted popcorn and didn't ask for candy!

These are some pics Mike took before dinner. Hello, scrapbook!


Steph said...

Yah! Thanks for posting the pics! I'm glad I got to see them all dressed up. Carson is one cute cowboy, for sure. Great idea, Jen. :)

Peaby said...

Awesome...what a fun little kid. thanks for coming by for a visit. we miss you guys.

woosterweester said...

Love the cowboy. Next year, Gangsta. With his dance moves and a little bling, I think that pic could be money.

Kristi said...

Could he BE any cuter? (said in the voice of Chandler Bing)