Tuesday, November 06, 2007

News Flash

I was just finishing the previous post when something newsworthy (or blogworthy) happened. Carson, dressed only in a diaper, came to me slowly with his arm out, and there was SOMETHING on his finger. "Oh, Lord. Please let that be part of a dead worm. Or the world's biggest booger. Or melted chocolate from the leftover halloween candy." I gently grabbed his wrist to prevent IT from touching anything, especially me, and held it closer to my nose. Nope.
It was none of those things.


Jim said...

Was it chocolate pudding?

P-Jak said...

We call that "dipsticking". Don't be too hard on him... he was just checking the oil!

(if you're talking about what I think you're talking about)

woosterweester said...

Suddenly my morning mocha smoothie doesn't look so appealing.

Peaby said...

Brad, that is the most graphic and funny comments I've ever read.

Aj said...

No more watching "Dirty Jobs" for that kid. That's not a way to impress the ladies.

What is it about boys and hands and pants? Is it *that* hard to keep them out?!! Oy.