Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hunt

On Saturday (day before Easter) Daddy T and Carson went with Gma & Gpa Tompkins and Michelle to an Easter egg hunt at a country club in town. (I stayed home to work on my paper--did I mention it's now done?) Here's some pics of Carson's first hunt.

This was the room for newborns through 3 years old. Those newborns didn't give him any trouble.
Do you like his manly basket? Daddy picked it out.
Time to go home.


Diane Davis said...

not sure if you saw my blog post, but you are now off my LAME list. way to go. btw... please take lots of pictures of our so cal friends! have a fabulous time!!!

Roynjo said...

Great shot of 3 generations of Tompkins men. Pretty soon Carson will be putting his hands in his pockets too. roy

The Craftypigs said...

love the last picture. Precious!

Diane Davis said...

ok, i'm ready for you to come home and update your poor neglected blog. ;) did carson like Dland? hope you had a fabulous time!!!