Monday, September 29, 2008

And that would make me? Old.

Last week I had my first sub job since having Syd. It was at a private elementary school that pays really well, so even though I didn't plan on starting this month, I decided to take it. Holla to my mom for watching the kids, even though Sydney is boycotting bottles quite with some determination.

I was in a class of 5th graders that I know pretty well. This is the end of a short conversation I overhead between a girl and a boy:

Girl: Who's Michael Jordan?

(That alone had my jaw dropping.)

Boy: He's an old basketball player! Do you even know who Magic Johnson is?

Girl: Sure. He plays baseball.

Boy: No he doesn't!

I'm wondering how far into our future will some kid say to another: "Who's Tiger Woods?"


Peaby said...

nobody will ever say, "Who's Tiger Woods?"...because Tiger Woods is invincible. He will play golf forever...and ever. no seriously...he's biologically superman...or John Stamos.

Becky said...

I just read your post and knew the first comment would be from Mike. I wasn't disappointed. :)

The Craftypigs said...

Who's John Stamos?

Seriously, it sucks sucks sucks getting old. And then again, we've earned getting old. I wouldn't go back to the fifth grade for all the money in the world....except maybe to not wear a dress on the first day because we had to play kick-ball.

Pot Liquor said...

Yes, one of the beauty's of working with children for a living is that they're a constant reminder of how old I'm getting. :(

Beth said...

Hi Jen!
I'm so glad your first day back went well! That's a relief! I'd love to get together soon--maybe for a girl's night at my house or something!