Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chitchat today.

Coversation (or lack thereof) at the dinner table.
[chew, chew] ", uh......................Mom?"
"What, bud?"
"OK, I'm going to start over."
"Okay, go ahead." :)


I was subbing today. This is a direct quote from a 3rd grader's persuasive speech on why you should not smoke:
"...and when you litter your cigarette out the window, you are killing polar bears."



Here's the situation.
I went to pick up the kids from my mom's house after teaching all day. I needed to take a Tylenol for a headache. I had the pills and saw a cup of water sitting next to the sink. Not really thinking, I just grabbed the cup and chased down the pills. I got one gulp down before I spit the rest out.

Me: Ew! What did I just drink? It tasted like salt!
My mom, looking up and thinking as she looks at the cup: Uh-oh.
Me: WHAT?! Is it cleaning solution or something?!
My mom: Uh, no, but earlier Carson wanted to see what salt tasted like, so I let him lick some, and he, of course, didn't like it, so I gave him that cup to wash his mouth and spit it out.
[long, disgusted pause]
Me: Oh that's fantastic.


Steph said...

Yep. That's gross!

Heidi said...



Kristi said...

did they give you old expired tylenol? that seems to happen to me any time I'm in Oregon at one of your relatives... :)

Alli said...

Mmm ... salty spit water!