Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simply adore.

This little lady has no shortage of adoring male fans in the house. Her daddy and her brother practically compete to see who can give her more kisses, who will be the first to greet her in the morning, and who can make her laugh the most. There is no better word to describe their affection than pure adoration! (BTW: this is Sydney's equivalent of a binky or thumb sucking. When she is getting ready to sleep, she puts Minkee in her right hand by her right cheek and sucks the three middle fingers on her left hand.)

Funny guys all around!
And, as you can see, the adoration goes both ways.


Becky said...

These pictures are so sweet. You are definitely blessed!

And also the background of the pics reminds me of Anchorman... "I have many leather-bound books..."

Carrie said...

So sweet how you caught that look of pure adoration in her little face! Love that! Who wouldn't adore that baby girl?

Jo B. said...

Love seeing the smiles on Syd's face. She looks like she is in heaven with the two guys in her life lovin' on her! Sweeter than words.