Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Bash part 1.

We decided to have Sydney's birthday at the park this year, a perk for summer birthdays. (Her cuz, whose party was cancelled due to the snow storm, doesn't exactly have that option!) We basically just had a "family" party, but even with both sides of our family, it's way past 20 people!
For Carson's first birthday, I was working and a bit stressed and it turned out I had to go to a funeral for a family friend that was scheduled 2 hours before Carson's party. Needless to say, we he had a storebought cake, which was fine. But then on his second birthday, I started dabbling in fun cake decorating (with the infamous Elmo cupcakes), and I kind of got hooked! It's really fun for me to be crafty in another way, but it's too much work to do often.
So, for Syd's b-day I tried a project I saw online. It was a several-day process of baking & decorating sugar cookies (my FAVE) and "grassy" cupcakes. In my head, they were stinkin' perfect and adorable! The end product wasn't bad!
I won't tell you exactly what went wrong, but five minutes before the birthday party was starting, 2 of my sis-in-laws had to frantically help me save the dream. Let's just say the wind was not being friendly to my top-heavy beauties. But they were still fun and very yummy!

Stay tuned for more pics of the actual birthday girl!


Diane Davis said...

these are fabulous. can i have one? please? they look so good. and i LOVE sugar cookies. you are taunting me and that just isn't nice.

Heidi said...

They're gorgeous - and you managed to capture two of my favorite food groups: cookies and cupcakes.

You should go into business! Post more pictures!!!

Dionne Sincire said...

you are so creative, resourceful, and very clever! is the grass made from coconut shavings??

The Brandt Clan said...

Very cute Jen! I always make a fun cake for my kids, but we just had way too much going on this last week for Rach's birthday, so Costco Cake it was! Glad to see you have another crafty outlet! So fun!

Shannan said...


what a party!! I'm glad the weather cooperated for you :)
Let's meet soon at a park. I'll facebook you or email you. It will be fun to catch up.

ccs1stgrade said...

Oh my word! Those are adorable! You must have inherited the "crafty" gene from your mom! I remember the holiday bazaar stuff she made. In fact our "1st Christmas" ornament of 2 'dough people' joined together with a heart between them is something your mom made! We still have it and it's still in one piece! It's from 1992~ ;-)

Stephanie said...

Jen...these are adorable!! Good for you!
I can't wait to see more pictures of the celebration!

Lyonslove said...

Jen you did a great job! They are so cute. I am very impressed.

Kristi said...