Monday, December 14, 2009

Check this out

Okay, one more procrastination post. It has no pictures of kids or cute stories, but I need to drum up a little Uppercase Living biz by the end of the month or they're gonna cut me. I'm so not meant to be a salesperson! But, fortunately, they are having a sale on a bunch of soon-to-be discontinuted items: 40% off! Go to my Uppercase Living site ( and click on the link on the bottom right. They'll pay for shipping & handling on orders above $50, and I will pay for shipping & handling on orders under $50!
And just to appease some of you who keep asking, here is a pic from our trip. This was Sydney's opinion of the snow. [Read: DISLIKE] This was also everyone's opinion of the snow after we were hit with a blizzard and got about 18 inches of snow in less than 36 hours. It was a MESS! (This pic was taken before the blizzard in the lovely, cold, dry weather with little patches of snow.)


Jo B. said...

Well, Syd looks adorable in that snow outfit regardless of her mood!

Nina said...

I agree with Gma Jo Jo

I agree with Gma Jo Jo!!!!

Angie said...

OK, so I know you've used these Upper Case vinyls in your house, right? I just watched some of the video tutorials on application methods. Are they seriously that easy to put up? We applied some wall vinyl in my mom's house a year ago and it was truly a torturous experience. It took about 2 hours for 3 of us to 'scrub' it with credit cards to get it to stick to the wall (it was about 4 lines of text at 3' x 3'). If this is truly as easy as they show, I want to order some!!!!

Brazenlilly said...

Ha! Angie, the thinner the font and the more letters you have, the more time-consuming it is. For instance, the daisies I have on Sydney's wall were labor-intensive--also because the wall was pretty textured. If you put it on a smooth surface, it is really easy. But I would not call the process on a wall "effortless"! You could always order something small and/or inexpensive to try it out and see how you like it.