Sunday, January 03, 2010

No, seriously. Who was that?

"Who was that masked man?"
Carson is intrigued by all things superhero related. He has an affinity towards Superman, because his daddy and uncle do as well. He also loves Spiderman, which is a perfect example of American consumerism at its best, since Carson has not seen even one television show or movie with Spiderman.
So, when he got a handmade superhero cape as a gift from Aunt Sharon (and Charlie!) in our extended family gift exchange, he was totally thrilled. The cape is not exactly like Superman's, but it is a perfect blend of lots of superhero cape styles, including the mask, the gold monogram and flowing fabric behind him as he runs. So, may I present:


Jo B. said...

Here he comes to save the d-a-y!

Brad said...

So, is Superman rescuing Sydney, or is she running from him?

Nina said...

I could use a super hero sometimes.
Could he fly to Portland?

Heidi said...

Can Carson please fly to CA and provide superhero training to my son Jack?

Becky said...

A boy and his cape...perfection. Love it!