Friday, May 28, 2010

A little thing that's really a big thing.

My friend Rory sent me an email this morning with a link to this website.
As I scrolled down, my eye caught this picture below, and I was frozen. I recognized the outline of Thailand immediately, and I was glued to the gorgeous fabric and how stunning it looked on the stark black. I felt this wonderful--relatively new--feeling that can best be described as ownership. Kind of like--"Thailand! Yes! That's me! My baby is there!"
Then I saw the words above this picture, written by the artist, which said "This is for Rory in Oregon, who ordered this for a good friend who is adopting from Thailand." You will probably not be surprised to know that I burst into tears. This beautiful image is a symbol of a beautiful gesture that is so not lost on me. Rory and Lee have a huge heart for adoption--having been halfway through the process TWICE, then the Lord keeps surprising them with bio babies! :) Thank you both for this amazing gift. I cherish it already. My baby is there. And you KNOW that I would feel that way, and handpicked this for me. Wow.
I'm thinking that our whole family will soon be sporting similar versions.


butters said...

Oh, I love it Jen. That was such a thoughtful gesture from a friend who loves you and loves your heart. I feel the same way, I love your heart for this baby and I already feel a love towards this baby that will someday be in the "fold" of all the others(many children that is!). May God continue to bless you guys in this process of doing, waiting and praying... hoping. Lots of love. Somehow my eyes are a little misty too.(:

Aj Schwanz said...

Love love love!!! And yes, tears. You'll have to use one of those services that turns blogs into books so you can give your little one their "baby book". This baby is anticipated by so many people: yay!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How touching!

Rory said...

Aw, your reaction made my day! I'm glad the whole idea wasn't lost on you.:) Excited to see you at the garage sale on Friday!!! Hmmm...may need to text or email you for address later this week. Love you!

Lyonslove said...

Rory is such a good friend! I love the picture! I love you!