Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whatcha doin?

We have some really great neighbors behind our house. They have two elementary aged girls and a trampoline. Both of MY kids are enamored of the "dirls" as Carson calls them. This particular day, I came out to find Sydney just watching the action on the trampoline. She literally stayed up here in this spot for about 10 minutes--just peeking over the rail of the playset.
Her hip action position in this pic is funny to me: So curious.

Aw, Mom! Put the camera away!


Shannan said...

Awww Mom...

You should just throw her over the fence and let her play! :)

PS - I dig Carson's new haircut - I think every boy should have a short cut for summer. I made both of my older boys get it!

Jo B. said...

Don't you wish you could read her mind?