Monday, July 05, 2010

Three, not two. Five, not four.

I'm still recovering from our annual 4th of July camping trip, which was a little colder and a little wetter than usual. I'm sure I'll find the energy to blog on that...later.
There was a conversation this weekend that got me thinking. We were joking about expectations for our kids and we made a joke about "both our kids." My dad smiled and pointed out that we'll soon have THREE kids! Wow. For all the information I've been soaking up, in preparation for this thing called adoption, I can tell I've consciously and sub-consciously been keeping myself a little distant from the reality of having child #3 in our lives forever. Why? Because we know it's at least 18 months away and possibly longer. The closer we get, the more my arms are aching to hold my baby. I can already sense this yearning for the completion to our family, and quite frankly, the waiting can hurt. Nine months of pregnancy feels like an eternity sometimes, so I can only imagine how I'll feel when we are getting close to the end of this LONG process. Right now I focus on fingerprints and paperwork and government fees and fundraisers and notaries. Because that may be stressful, but it doesn't ache.
However, I think I need to be sure that all of us are mentally preparing for another family member! We need to start thinking and talking that we will be a family of FIVE! That these two critters will soon be THREE! I love picturing them with their little brother or sister. But we may need to get a bigger laundry basket.


Becky said...

Great pics, Jen. I have been thinking the very same way lately. Granted, I only have to wait 7 more months for my new kiddo. But right now it is easier to focus on feeling like poo. I can't start thinking about being big or the birth because it just feels way too far away. You know that the waiting is only the beginning. God has this whole process perfectly orchestrated for all of you.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

The wait is much harder than I ever imagined. But, God will sustain you all.

Jo B. said...

We love seeing photos of the two kiddos you have now. When they are three, not two, we will still love it!

Rory said...

You are definitely gonna need a bigger basket!:) I think it's hard to wait when I'm physically pregnant, but I think it's a harder wait to be paper pregnant. Just keep reminding yourself that the waiting on the Lord actually renews your strength! You're gonna be one strong mama when your little one comes home!:)

Nina said...

I love Monkey,Birdie,and Peanut to come!