Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Quick Carsonism

Carson: Mom, there's this boy in my class [at church] and every time he says to me "Wanna be my friend?" Isn't that funny?!

Me: Well, he must just really want to be your friend! I hope you are kind to him. What do you say to him?

Carson: I say [exasperated with both palms up] "We've ALREADY TALKED about this!"

Me: Well maybe he feels that you are not really his friend yet. What's his name?

Carson: I don't know.

Me: Next time, find out his name, then you can make sure he knows you ARE his friend, and say, "Bobby, I AM your friend!"

Carson: [completely distracted into a fit of giggles] BOBBY!?!?! Nobody is named "BOBBY"!!! That's such a funny name!!!! Hahahahahahaha!

Aaaaaand, teachable moment gone.


Pascale said...

I LOVE Carsonisms. Your kid cracks me up! And I liked your idea about writing about how my guys feel about their different learning abilities. this has only just reared its rather interesting (and occaisionally ugly head), so I'm going to give it some thought and then get back to you.

sarah said...

I read this this morning. Gave me a great start to my day! Thank you Carson! =)

Jo B. said...

Bapaw and I loved this story!

Steph said...

I can always count on Carson for a good laugh! Thank you (every time!) for sharing. :) Now whenever I talk to someone named Bobby, I will think of a cute blondie I know!

Caitlin said...

That is hilarious.