Thursday, October 28, 2010

Splashy flashback.

This summer my friend Jess graciously watched my kids for me for a few hours. It was late afternoon/evening on a warm day and my 2 played with her 2 out in the sprinklers. Jess took some amazing pictures and was kind enough to send me all the originals. I love all of these pics of Carson and Syd because it really captures their personalities. And thank you in advance for your permission to brag and love on my cuties.
Hello, Ms. Thang! Check out that hip action. A woman's work is never done.
Don't let the sprinkler get you!
Are these next two pictures not the best things in the whole world?!
I can't decide which I love more: her huge smile or her fingers.
Speaking of fingers, this is a classic Carson hand motion:
See what I mean? He does that when he is excited or nervous. Or telling an especially dramatic story.
Oh my heavens, is he not so handsome? Look out, ladies. (Ironically, we were there playing with his good friend, Rachel, who is a total doll. She and Carson have been dear friends since toddlerhood.)

I love him!

Thanks, Jess!


Jo B. said...

Love these pics of pure delight! I can't ever get too many photos of our grandchildren! They look like they had a blast!

woosterweester said...

When did Syd's hair get so looong? It's beautiful! SHE'S beautiful! And C-dawg? What a handsome charmer! Wish we could've fit in a playdate the other day when you did the jewelry drop-off...maybe we can catch up one of these days.:) Happy Friday!

Steph said...

Oh my goodness, those are ALL amazing pictures! Jess is talented, but the pictures wouldn't be near as cute without those two cutie-pies as the subjects! I love Syd's "hip action" but I REALLY love her smiling ones, too. Such a pretty girl!

Jessica said...

Loooooove these pics!!! :)

sarah said...

What cute expressions they have in these pics! Makes me want just ONE more sunny warm day. A girl can dream. =)

The Brandt Clan said...

Anytime Jen, and like Steph said, your kids are just cute- that's what makes the photos so great! Let's hang out again soon!