Friday, March 11, 2011

Painting with TWO and FIVE

My heart is so heavy right now for the people of Japan. The pictures are so overwhelming, I can't stop the tears when I see houses and cars strewn around like toys in a bathtub--knowing that real people were surely in those houses and cars. I have a tendency to be a bit of a news-freak when something like this happens--watching myself into a blubbering, emotional mess, so I'm taking a step back and closing the msnbc window before I decide to adopt a baby from Tokyo. ;) Praying for God's mercy and healing on the people of Japan, and thanking him for the safety of the few friends I have there.
On a much, MUCH lighter note, I realized yesterday how different it is to paint with a five year old: ...and a two year old.

There's hope for this messypants some day!


Dionne Sincire said...

ohhhhh, but she's so cute and she's got such a flare!

Michelle said...

I had to tear myself away from the new also. Too many tears. Praying for those poor people.

sarah said...

I'm just impressed there is no paint on her face or in her hair =).