Saturday, March 17, 2007

50 hours and 9 minutes.

How long did it take Carson to break my brand new sunglasses?

Soon you will all see my new shades that were purchased this afternoon at the Dollar Tree. Among the adjectives to describe them, "flattering" and "stylish" do NOT come to mind.


woosterweester said...

Where do I begin...the disappointment of breaking said sunglasses? the self-lecture one gives oneself for leaving sunglasses within reach? or the disappointment for having your sophisticated summer style dictated by the 3 for a buck price'll simply have to send a photo of your new look.

woosterweester said...

Ha! No wait, I don't need a photo! I'll probably recognize the Dollar TREE-sized sunglasses from a distance. (Chuckle.)

JJ said...

At least that is still longer than it usually takes me to loose mine.