Sunday, March 18, 2007


We had two auntie visitors this week! Tara and Michelle both came down, and I will just go ahead and admit they came to see Carson. My camera battery was still low when Michelle came, so sorry, Mich, these pics are all from Tara's visit. Riley came too and Carson was determined to get him to use the doggy door that goes unopened most of the time. "See, Riley? You go through like this."
Carson loves his mac and cheese, just like Aunt Tara.
In a classic SMITH move (thanks a lot, Dan) Tara gets Carson to touch his head with his mac and cheese hands, smearing the yummy cheese all through his hair--or at least, what hair he has.
And look at these WAY COOL shoes that Carson got! Tara swears that Carson picked them out himself, so she just HAD to buy them for him. The timing was good, b/c he only has 2 pairs of shoes that fit him right now!


Emily said...

Cute pictures! I got to see some pictures from Linda this weekend. Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...


i knew a girl named jen bunch once, but she wouldn't move to vegas as i recall.

i see you have little ones.

my little ones are TEENAGERS.

man, am i old!

good to find you. old parents like us don't do blogs...who'd want to see pics of my kids eating the breakfast they made for themselves while i read the paper sipping coffee?

i hope you are good.
drop me a line sometime.

--dave miller

Kristi said...

see jen - what did i tell you - once you have a blog, crazy loons can find you like dave miller. :o) wink wink.

hi dave.

also - i love carsons new kicks.

hugs to you gayle.

love, O