Monday, July 09, 2007

I think this was our sixth annual family campout at Still Creek. Looking at these pictures, one wonders what ever in the world did I have to take pictures of before Carson was born? We had a great time. Others will surely have better pictures than I do, and hopefully they'll be on some blogs soon.
Exploring the "wa-ee" with Dad soon after we got there.
Falling into the arms of Uncle "Mi"
Carson and Henry having a little lunch.
I don't know if you can see clearly, but they are both doubling over with laughter at who-knows-what. This was the clever containment plan for the kiddos. Thanks, E & S!
Froggy Chair relaxation provided by Nina.


woosterweester said...

My favorite pic is no doubt the two little guys eating lunch together. While adults are carrying on conversations there's these two little dudes in a world of their, funny faces...what more could they want? Life is good.

P-Jak said...

It looks like the boys are getting ready for a UFC match in "The Octagon". Good stuff!

Peaby said...

Henry is looking at Carson's food like, "My tray is almost can I get that stuff over here?"