Monday, August 20, 2007


As I was lying in bed last night I realized that I had meant to send a shout out to a few of my Cali friends who, unfortuately, I got to visit after my camera battery died. My very good friend from college, Ember, had an INSANELY busy weekend (she was IN a play of My Fair Lady, DIRECTING a children's play of 101 Dalmations and leading worship all in the same weekend) and yet managed to make breakfast for a house full of guests, including Carson and me. We barely had time to catch up and then we had to go. :( At breakfast, we got to see Becca (some of you may remember when she was in Ekklesia before me, stayed at my house in my room, and was startled by my high school friends knocking on the bedroom window--Oh, and she sings a little) and Emily--one of my very first roommates in college. Ember and Becca tried to restrain their eye rolling when I told them I got warm fuzzies when I came back to Fullerton for the first time in years. :) They live there now and don't have the same "absence makes the heart grow fonder" feel for the town. Carson really loved Duke, Ember and Chris's golden lab (I think?).

After the wedding, we got to spend a little time with Stephie Shoobs, a dear friend from college who has the HONOR of living in the dorms again! Her husband, Jon, is an RLC in the men's dorm. They have made their apartment really cute and homey, with an actual back yard! Carson was near meltdown by the time I got there, so unfortunately our visit was cut short. Also, he almost broke a large (handmade? it looked like it) vase behind her couch. That was fun. Steph's the kind of person you can talk to for hours catching up, so I wished I could stay longer.

Anyway, I don't know if any of you friends ever read the blog, but I just wanted to sent out a HOLLA and tell you it was great to see you!

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