Monday, September 24, 2007

One more Birthday post

First, I want to say that nothing I post right now will be as awesome as the most recent pictures of MY NEPHEW! So, check that out first if you haven't already.

Carson got some pretty cool gifts from his loving family. I hate to highlight one and not the other for fear of hurting feelings. So, I'll highlight the one from his mommy and daddy! ;) It actually came a couple weeks ago: we got him a tricycle. He's been asking for a "bike" for quite a while. You'll see in the video, he doesn't exactly know how to work the pedals yet, but when he actually tries (and doesn't abandon the vehicle as in the vid) he seems to be pretty close.
OK, I lied: here's one gift highlighted. Cute hat, huh?

Sigh. He's such a big boy!


P-Jak said...

Carson can sure make his little legs move fast!

woosterweester said...

That's funny because I was going to comment on the same thing. I think I'll start referring to him as "Turbo". Glad you have a cul-de-sac because that boy's gonna need some open spaces!:)

Aj said...

All I can hear is Ricky Bobby: "Mama, I'm goin' FAST!" :D

Steph said...

How stinkin' cute. Do that every night for 20 minutes and he's sure to sleep well. :)