Thursday, February 07, 2008

This just in....part 2.

I had to have some blood work done today, and I took Carson. It was supposed to be a short visit, but because of miscommunication and lost paperwork, we were there almost an hour. Carson was very patient. My version for him was that I had to have a "shot" so they could check on the baby.
When we were finally done, I told Carson as much, and as I was putting my coat on, he scrunched up his forehead and looked at me with a confused look and said, "They not take the baby out today?" Ha! Nope, not for a long, long time. Right, Jenna?


Steph said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That is so funny! Poor kids...we must just confuse them all the time!

Carrie said...

So sweet! He thought he would get to meet his baby that day! That is cute.

Lyonslove said...

Wait! Is it a girl? Is her name Jenna?

Brazenlilly said...

NO! Jenna is our dear friend who is REALLY ready to have her second baby any moment now. I think the end drags on a bit.

butters said...

Yes... today is my due date and I've been expecting this baby to come for the past two weeks now! The waiting game gets old but if he doesn't come on his own, then on the 14th we're taking him! I really pray that he'll just come on his own.
Love the story Jen and thanks for the sympathy.(;