Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recent Carsonisms

"Woody isn't a bad guy. He's a happy guy."
"I wanna play games on the pooter."
In the bathtub:"Whoa, Mom. I have a funny pee-pee. It's like a hot dog!"
Almost every night at dinner, spoken like a grown-up:"So, how was your work, Dad?"
"You always say 'shhh' and I don't like it."
Two weeks before Sydney was born: "Why you always going potty?"
Carson: Dad, are you a grown up?
Dad: Yep.
C: Mom, are you a grown up?
Mom: Yep.
C: No, you're just a big girl.
Mom: No, I'm a grown up!
Carson, Well, do you mow the lawn?
Mom: [stumped for words]
"Mom, you're legs are too scratchy."
Mom: You need to go potty, then you can have a popsicle.
Carson: Yeah......I don't think that's gonna work.


Jan Lefebvre said...

Oh my goodness -- you and Carson just crack me up!! Thanks for giving me something to chuckle at today!!

johnsonandjohnson said...

I love that Carson thinks that you are a grown up if you mow the lawn! There aren't many grown ups in the OC then....

I also love the hot dog one. Cute.

butters said...

Laugh out loud Jen... what a little ham you have! You could write a book, those are two funny. It's good to blog these things or else we just forget. I was trying to remember a funny thing Nate said the other day but lost it and so far it's yet to return.

Thanks for sharing. Those are great. And "hot dog" how funny is that!

Stephanie said...

I just read those to Jon...we are cracking up! What a funny kid, but I am NOT surprised! :) You are so wise to be writing them down!
PS- I will be calling you back this week. Can't wait to catch up!