Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Mom! My bottom's not working!" The sequel.

Some of you remember that conversation when C-man was a little constipated. Today we had a variation of it. I heard this from our master bathroom:

"Mom! This toilets not working! I need to move to the other potty!"

So we moved his bare bum to the toddler pot in the front bathroom. As usual when trying to have a movement, Carson says:
"Please leave me alone."
A few minutes later:
"Mom! This potty's not working either! I need to try the big potty!"

So he moved again to the big toilet and sat and concentrated and grunted for a few minutes. Finally:
"Hey Mom! This toilet's working! I went poop!"

Maybe toilets are magical. Who knows?

BTW, this morning at 5:45 am, Carson woke up calling out that he needed to go poop. Evidently, the "toilet" wasn't working then either, because he produced nothing, but also produced no further sleep.


Don said...

I wonder how many hours of one's life are spent on or near the toilet? (Not counting that crazy lady who sat on her boyfriend's toilet for 2+ years.) So much of life is focused on our wondrous excretory functions? And how much money do we invest in toilet paper over 80 years? I mean it's all quite brilliant how God wired us, but it can certainly be a drag--an expensive drag, even--particularly at the beginning and end of the life cycle. All those Pampers and Adult Diapers. (Thankfully the "I Can't Believe I Just Pooped My Pants" is still in the realm of SNL humor. Hopefully it will stay there!)

Nevertheless, kudos to Carson and his magic toilet.

eets said...

nice, we had a 5:40 wake up as well. Good times.

Brad said...

I'd blame it on the toilet too!

Jamie said...

Hey there! Got your message on my blog and of course you can make a link. In fact, I'll make a link to yours too! Love keeping up with you and your cute fam.

The Craftypigs said...

I love that I'm not the only one with poop stories. Cute. Sorry for the early morning wake up though....that sucks.

Kristi said...

can we borrow the toilet that works?

Beth said...

I love the way his mind works! He is so precious!

Hope your toilet has been working well this week...