Monday, March 23, 2009

No buyers remorse here

Don't you love it when you feel like you made a good purchase? You may remember last June when I was WAY preggo, we decided to invest in a swingset for our backyard. It's not a very expensive one, but it has what we needed. Last summer it was a lifesaver, as we were pretty housebound with a newborn. I'm pleased to report that not only does Carson still play on it, but now Sydney is thoroughly enjoying her new addition. Now, if we could get more than 1 day of sunshine at a time, we'd really be getting our money's worth! He does know how to sit on the swing like a normal person, but this is his current game.

This is the Diva look. And here's a vid for those who don't get motion sick. Even with this poor quality vid, you can hear her squeals as big bro pushes her--and not always so smoothly.


The Brandt Clan said...

Super cute! Wish I had a swing set in my back yard! So jealous!

Jo B. said...

Carson really is the big brother here the way he helps Syd and talks to her. We love her little squeaks! Or squawks?
Gma JoJo

Dionne Sincire said...

carson has great hand-eye coordination....there's a basketball player budding in him yet! ;0)